Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling – Agile 2012

Catherine Louis of Cll-Group and I will be facilitating a three hour workshop at Agile 2012 in Grapevine Texas on Monday August 13. The topic; Modeling Large, Complex Agile Organizations. Over the past year and a half we have been developing and refining a modeling method that allows teams to create “preto-types” of their organizations to test ideas and solicit feedback rapidly on what might be an appropriate organizational design for a business given different types of constraints. Below is a reproduction of the abstract for our workshop.

In large geographically distributed organizations where the size of the product exceeds what a single Scrum team can build, we think through the best way to organize teams and work. Over the past year, we have been working with large projects (over 100 people), distributed in several countries and helping them develop organizational models that they can use to visualize how teams and work could be best organized to maximize agility. In this workshop, we guide the participants through the process of assessing and developing large organizational models. The models provide business stakeholders with a tool to assess the trade-offs of different organizational models visually and rapidly. Whether you are responsible for building a large scale global Agile organization, or are a team member with ideas on how to organize teams and work, this workshop provides you with tools to develop organizational “preto-types” to use for communication and troubleshooting large-scale Agile organizational design.

We invite you to join us at Agile2012 on the Adoption and Transformation Stage and take part in a highly interactive and fun workshop. Complete details can be found here. Oh yes, I nearly forgot, we get to play with Lego. See you there!


Martin Fowler’s Survey of Version Control Tools + Subversion Multisite

Check out this post from Martin Fowler. The sample size is 99 responses, but look at what tops the list. Look at the contrast between Clearcase and Subversion.

Subversion’s only downside is repository replication across different sites, a reality for our business where we have teams around the world working on the same code base, and the code base is BIG, so downloading the “whole ball of code” from a remote server just won’t work efficiently. The only solution I have come across so far is WAN Disco’s multisite solution. There is a video here describing it. I have never used it and would love some feedback from anyone who has experience with this solution.

Lots of good stuff on Martin’s blog. Including more details on the pros and cons of different source code repository tools.

Thanks, Martin!