The Colors of Change – Tools for Change Management

Leading change requires change agents to exercise influence. Understanding individual motivations and assumptions matters. People come in different colors. Understanding each color and the motivations and assumptions that drive each one can help you get into the shoes of others, and consequently, help you understand how to best help them embrace change. There are five colors. There is no bad color or good color. Each color brings a different perspective, thinking style, and work style to the table.

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Perfection and Pragmatism

This is a long post, so here is the digest version first.

  • Develop a vision of perfection for your Agile business that includes the product AND the people that create it.
  • Think about what it feels like to work in this perfect Nirvana – engage your right brain.
  • Start moving toward that vision now as fast as you can without losing control – be pragmatic.
  • Be prepared to suffer some mental pain along the way – so eat cookies and drink milk.

That’s it. The rest of the post is some ranting to prime some thinking.

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Do You Really Want to Motivate Your Employees?

Well then, watch this! It turns Command & Control on its head and makes you think deeply about real motivations. If you are treating your employees as “resources”, interchangeable parts in a big machine, you’re destined to motivate only the most unskilled labour. This is an eye-opener! Motivating employees “the right way” leads to innovation, deep learning, engagement, and a cultural change in your business.