Raj Mudhar & Associates Ltd.


We are a Canadian company specializing in process engineering solutions that accelerate product and service delivery.

Innovation and strategy are not enough to survive and thrive. Your value chain from concept to cash must function flawlessly to deliver exceptional value to your customers faster than your competitors.

What we do is not new, but the way we do it is. We engage your employees in a process of improvement based on the following principles.

  • Those closest to the work understand it best.
  • Management’s role is to ruthlessly eliminate barriers to productivity.
  • Employees first, customers second.
  • Commitment, accountability, and trust are central to operational excellence.
  • There are no shortcuts. Disciplined, focused execution takes effort.

The first step in your acceleration is a process diagnostic. Read more here.

Do you have questions? Looking for more information? Drop us a line. We respect your privacy, and do not sell, share or publicly disclose your information.


Recent Posts

A more effective Daily Stand-up


If you’re spending time at your stand-ups talking about activities you are working on, you may be wasting time. One team used to say things like:

“Yesterday I worked on the new Java class for our product and today I will be doing the same. No impediments.”

When you hear a similar song from others and it has been going on for a few days you know something is not right.

We changed the language and it made a difference. We stopped asking what we were doing, and focused on what we accomplished.

“Yesterday I coded the methods for the new Java class and completed half the unit tests we defined. Today I am completing the unit testing and connecting with Emily to prepare for system and acceptance testing.”

The difference is subtle but for some teams, like this one, the impact is big. Accomplishment is about outcomes. Working is about activity. Accomplishment is better.



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