The never-ending renovation, and what I learned… so far

I live in an old stone house which was built between 1839 and 1849. In the 1970’s, an addition was added on, extending the original house with a large family room, extra bedrooms, a rec room, and two extra bathrooms. Over the past three weeks during my vacation, we’ve been working on upgrading the dated interior. This included:

  1. Updating two bathrooms. These were stripped to bare walls and redone. The demolition had been done before the vacation, so all that was left was to repair floors, install tiled flooring, new tub, shower, vanity, toilets, and associated fixtures. Plumbing is not my favorite thing, and my plumber, like me, was on vacation, so I ended up doing it. The pipes are circa 1970, and waste pipes are all copper or cast iron. None of the sizes seemed to match the modern brass or PVC / ABS pipes so that created some adaptation problems. Continue reading

Retrospective & Happy Holidays

November marks the one-year anniversary of this blog.  Looking back, the most popular posts of 2010 were as follows.

  1. The Pomodoro Technique – Agile Personal Time Management
  2. Team Performance – Signal to Noise Ratio
  3. March 29 2010 – Dinner with Jeff Sutherland
  4. Martin Fowler’s Survey of Version Control Tools + Subversion Multisite
  5. Servant Leadership
  6. The Marshmallow Challenge
  7. Launching an Agile Pilot
  8. Stuck in Paris – I’m still alive – Day Five
  9. ICST Paris 2010 – Innovation in Test
  10. The Trajectory of Change

It’s been a great year of change and growth. I have many family members, friends, and colleagues to thank for making this a special year. Ironically, the most traffic to this blog was in April when I was stuck in Paris for 5 weeks during the Icelandic volcano. Friends and family kept track of what I was up to along with the latest news on when I expected to get home, and of course, how I amused myself with food and volcano protection devices. I’ve had a few memorable professional moments. I was invited to speak at AgileTour RTP. I made a presentation at ICST Paris. But the best of all from a professional perspective, was watching our Scrum teams deliver outstanding results throughout the year. I am so proud of them.

A special Thank You to the important people in my life…you know who you are! Wishing you and yours the very best of the season and looking forward to an even better 2011.