Reading List:

Organizational Change and Business, including Agile:

  • Business Model Generation – Tools to help you characterize your business value proposition using the canvas. Great book full of examples and suggestions.
  • Fearless Change – the title says it all.
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – teaches us about the necessary steps to achieving trusting, high-performance teams
  • Leading Teams – Excellent thinking on how to build high-performance teams.
  • The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management – An up to date look at how to lead and organize based on today’s world of Customer Capitalism.
  •  The Mythical Man Month – a classic on large and complex product development.
  • The Power of Habit – great book on personal and organizational habits, and tools for understanding and influencing them.
  • Punished by Rewards – How traditional rewards and recognition systems can lead to organizational dysfunction and what you can do about it.
  • Seeking Wisdom – Learn about thinking processes that you and your organization uses. If you wonder why you or your organization does what it does, this book offers up a number of diagnostic tools for the job.
  • Servant Leadership – teaches us how to lead in an Agile world, and in life.



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