What’s the future of Scrum Alliance?

A short while ago I was nominated to run for the board of directors of the Scrum Alliance. I wrote up the position statement that was requested for the first round. I had some trusted colleagues give me input and some of them reviewed what I wrote. I submitted it. Then I was notified I made it to the next round and was asked to submit another, updated write-up that will be posted for Scrum Alliance members to vote on.

The process got me thinking about the future of Scrum Alliance.

  • Will it exist ten years from now?
  • What will it look like?
  • How will it be perceived?
  • Will members and others view the Scrum Alliance as a trusted partner with cutting edge innovation and research and resources to match?
  • What will the next generation of product development teams need?
  • How will they interact with Scrum Alliance?
  • What will trainers and coached bring to the table that is innovative, fresh, and relevant?

These are the questions on my mind. But this represents only a singular view.

So I am curious. What do you expect to see from the Scrum Alliance in the future? What questions are on your mind?