Leadership in the Digital Age – Listen, Learn, then Lead

Leadership matters, and more so when the stakes are high. Listen to Brig. General Stanley McChrystal talk about his leadership experience. A great talk. Some of the things he said that really resonated:

  • Leaders can let you fail and yet not let you be a failure.
  • Relationships are the sinew that holds a force together.
  • Leaders are good because they are willing to learn and to trust.

In this age of excessive speed, multiple generations of people with different experiences and contexts, widely dispersed teams, the ways in which leaders act matters more than ever. Enjoy the short video!


Speaking @ Agile 2011 – Salt Lake City, August 8-12 2011

I’ll be presenting “Cultural Architecture” at the Agile2011 Conference in Salt Lake City this August. Here’s an overview of the talk.

If our business culture was a product, how would we re-architect it? Culture influences everything. So how can we influence culture? What tools help us understand cultural influences, from the implicit, the elements we don’t even think about, to the visible, the artifacts that lead to stereotypes? Adopting an Agile culture, when it is under-laid with the cultures of the world is challenging. Reconciling cultural dilemmas drives collaboration and innovation. Culture is the core of it all. Knowing this, you can create a pull for cultural change in your organization.

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