Why You Need to Fail

This is a great video from Derek Sivers on the importance of failure for learning. Thanks to my good friend Catherine Louis for pointing it out. What resonated with me was the whole notion of fixed mindset versus growth mindset. A fixed mindset person believes that talent is innate and there is no point in trying to get good at something you are not “naturally” wired to do. A growth mindset person believes that anyone can learn anything given motivation and effort.

You can imagine the implications for a business leader who has worked hard to rise to the top and is told everyday how great she is and the fear of failure drives out the growth mindset and replaces it with a fixed mindset. We learn most and grow most by making mistakes. We need a growth mindset to do it. And we need to be willing to try experiments. The video is just under 15 minutes long. Grab a coffee (or a martini) and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Why You Need to Fail

  1. Another point I didn’t make was that rewarding effort is more effective than rewarding results. The video covers this topic well. Rewarding effort actually delivers better results. Important knowledge for leaders, moms, and dads.

  2. Great video – thanks for sharing. Growth involves risk-taking, experimenting, breaking rules and, making mistakes. It’s a lot more fun than trying to be perfect.

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