Servant Leadership – Follow-Up

I wrote a post  about Servant Leadership in January. Robert Gleenleaf put the principles of Servant Leadership to work while he was an executive at AT&T. He is credited with several books and papers on Servant Leadership. See the books section of this blog for a link to one of Robert’s books. Below are some short informative videos on Servant Leadership. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and several others come to mind as model Servant Leaders. What did they do that was special? You know the answers. Think about how you, as an individual, can model the characteristics of a Servant Leader.

The best leaders I have had gave me room to get my work done. They cleared the path ahead of me. They demanded excellence, but teased it out through coaching and guidance, rather than through dictum. They trusted me. They lived by principles and values, and never wavered no matter how tough the situation became. If I had an issue, I knew I could go to them for guidance and help. I always knew where they stood. Their leadership philosophy was clear and they lived it. What is your leadership philosophy? What are your principles and values? What will you do today that will start to distinguish you as a Servant Leader?

If you are a good parent, you will understand how as children grow, you impart values and principles. You coach, encourage, and you do your best to give your children every opportunity to succeed. When your children fail, you hug them, encourage them, and teach them to learn from the failure and become stronger and wiser. Servant Leaders do this for their employees. Obviously we do not treat employees as children. But the metaphor of good parenting is a useful one.

Enjoy the videos, and think on how tomorrow will be a new day of Leading with Passion, Energy, and Service.

Tom Peters:

Desmond Tutu:

Jean Tabaka:


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