Lousy Hotel Service and a Win for this Consumer

Om my last trip to Paris (the marathon volcano trip) I spent two weeks at a favourite hotel in Montparnasse. Service was less than acceptable. I drove back from work one evening, exhausted, and was looking forward to a quiet room service dinner and a good book. I picked up my phone and it didn’t work. I went down the hall to the phone by the elevators and picked it up. It didn’t work. I went down to the lobby and asked them to fix it, ordered my dinner and went back to my room. The next day, the phone still didn’t work. Back down to the lobby again. The shower couldn’t hold a constant temperature. Two of the table lamps didn’t work. The day before I was to leave I went down to reception, confirmed I would leave the next day and paid my bill in advance. I got back from work to find my key didn’t work. I called down and 15 minutes went by until a security guard came up to tell me I was checked out. I told him I went down in the morning to pay my bill for the next day and offered to show him the invoice. He declined as I was fuming. He opened the door and gave me the key. When it came time to fill out the customer satisfaction survey, I was direct with my displeasure. Fast forward to last week…

I am back in Paris tomorrow. The only hotel I could get was my favourite (not so much anymore) and the rate had jumped from 120 euros a night to 299! I tried in vain to get another hotel that was relatively close to the office and not a dive. I needed HS internet and parking. No luck. The hotel sent a very apologetic e-mail and offered me VIP treatment on my next trip when they read my feedback. I replied that there was no way I would come back at a rate of 299 – not for the level of service I experienced last time. They replied back in 30 minutes with a new rate of 120 Euros a night with breakfast and free internet access. Score one for the consumer. I am about to leave my house for the airport. I am off to Paris and looking forward to seeing how serious they are about cleaning up their act.


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