Home at Last!

The flight home was an interesting route. The Ash cloud is sitting in the Atlantic forcing flight paths either North or South around it. Delayed departure by nearly 3 hours. The flight path led us North-North-East from Paris, over Amsterdam and then veered North-West just before Bergen and then North of Iceland, across Greenland, and then south over Northern Quebec, coming awfully close to James Bay – probably 500 kms east of it. It was funny seeing the gate sign indicating that the flight was on-time at 1330. Then people were coming off a plane and we had to wait until they cleared the corridors before we could start boarding. On the flight I slept for a few hours.

Hmmm...flight on time, eh?

We landed in Montreal and I learned the last flight to Ottawa was full and I was booked on the flight Sunday morning to get home. It was raining and I was tired so I first decided to stay at the Marriott hotel near the airport. I got as far as the reception desk and realized that after nearly 40 days straight in a hotel, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I rented a car and drove home, getting to my house just before 10 PM. The car will get returned in Ottawa on Monday. Today is a rest day…sort of…lot’s to catch up on here at the farm.


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