The Marshmallow Challenge

This week we had an R&D workshop in Paris. It was a chance for us to do some deep thinking and preparation for some of the initiatives we are launching this year. At the end of the first day we did the Marshmallow challenge. One of our teams built a 27 inch tall structure – the clear winner. Not only was this activity fun, it also revealed the nature of collaboration and how we think about design. At first everyone was focused on building their own structure until I started to point out what others were doing. The competition started to heat up and you could see eyes darting back and forth across the table to see what the competition were building.  I had a large timer projected on the screen in the room, counting down the 18 minutes. We’d call out the time remaining to help keep the pressure on. What a blast! If you have never tried the Marshmallow challenge, you are missing a great opportunity for team building and learning. Everything you need to know about it is here. At the end of the challenge, we showed Tom Wujec’s video which is available on the same link.

The challenge for me was finding marshmallows in Paris. Not a common item here. However, Auchan in Velizy has them in the “Produits du Monde” section of the store. I was worried I might have to use little mini camemberts instead!

To my colleagues who took the challenge, thanks for participating! We all learned something valuable.


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