Stuck in Paris – No Jet – Jour Sept

It’s sunny outside, and I am indoors. The hotel this morning in the breakfast room was full of American tourists looking forward to a day of sightseeing and other frivolities. I’m thinking about airplanes. Come Monday I will be starting my 4th week here. I ran out of clean clothes a week ago but I changed hotels last night and have access to laundry services so some of my clothing will get cleaned up, and I might look a little more professional at the office. The MET Weather Office in the UK has been publishing these cool simulations of the path of the volcanic ash. You can see it here. Looking much better.

I was at Gare de l’Est this week. Although busy, trains appeared to be moving and no serious bottlenecks. Except for trying to buy a ticket, which could take up to a half day in line, not too bad. Click on the photo for a better view.

Gare de l"Est - Busy but civilized

I have no confirmed flight, and the weekend is upon us. Iceland just closed two airports and British military suspended some flights as well. It’s not completely business as usual, but better. CNN Travel has an update here.

Stuck sipping wine and eating those crescent roll things they like so much here. I’m thinking seriously about getting out of dodge, but have not decided where I should go. Somewhere where I can drive because I am not ready to rely on trains or planes just yet. I’m open to suggestions!


One thought on “Stuck in Paris – No Jet – Jour Sept

  1. Raj, go to Beaune in the Bourgogne region for the weekend. Recommend doing Hospices de Beaune and Chateau Meursault. About an hour east of Paris by car (my driving).

    I feel so bad for you – NOT!

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