Paris – Frisky drivers and gridlock

Last Thursday I noticed a definite change in the driving behaviour here in Paris. Drivers were zipping in and out of lanes more than usual, cutting people off left and right. Motorcycles or “mouches” as I think they should be called, were buzzing violently between lanes.

It all came to a head on the drive back into Paris from Marcoussis. The A6 northbound came to a standstill and as we made it up Avenue du Maine, after negotiating Porte d’Orleans, complete gridlock at the intersection of Avenue du Maine and General Le Clerc. I had to fold in my side-view mirrors to squeeze through a pair of cars.  It took two hours to get back to the hotel. Traffic raged on for another two hours after that. People stopped, parked their cars wherever they could and took bicycles in some cases. The train strike didn’t help, putting more cars on the road than usual.

Every time I come to Paris there is always one day out of 10 where traffic is a complete nightmare. Sometimes more, but never less.


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