Stuck in Paris – I’m still alive – Day Five

The partial train strike in Paris is making travel more difficult and I am running into all kinds of people who are simply stuck here. Some of my colleagues are stranded around the world and unable to get back to Europe. Others are trying to get out of Europe with no success. With our friendly volcano belching and leaking lava, I have no doubt that flights will continue to be impacted and airports will be effected.

I read a story in Le Figaro about some American students who were supposed to fly out on Saturday. They are stuck here and their group photo was a depressing collection of smiling faces happy to be stranded for another horrible week of tourism  in Paris. Poor kids… I feel sorry for them.

I survived another difficult day in Paris. The weather was great, and so was the food.  It’s so hard to find a decent bad meal here. I am suffering. I decided to invent a “Volcanic Ash Beer Protector”. It took hours of careful thinking and planning but in the end I think I have the solution. It is sophisticated, yet deceptively simple. Worthy of a patent I think.  My R&D prototype is pictured below.


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