Boo Hoo Day Two…

Looking for travel options that include driving to Madrid and then getting on a plane to the southern US. So far it has been hard to get reliable information about open airports. I have been unable to confirm through any two sources that Madrid (MAD) is in fact open and that flights are leaving. Today is a gorgeous sunny day in Paris and I am wondering where Naveen and Jash are and what they are doing. Got calls from Marc and Patrick and invitations to get together which is so nice. Just finished breakfast at a restaurant that has free WIFI. Two coffees (high octane) and fresh squeezed OJ, and croissants and crusty bread with jam. Yum!

The search continues for travel options. Worst case, I stay here and work (I have an office here anyway), but Battle of the Bands next weekend in Toronto may be in trouble. Guys, you may want to line up a back-up drummer just in case!


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