Martin Fowler’s Survey of Version Control Tools + Subversion Multisite

Check out this post from Martin Fowler. The sample size is 99 responses, but look at what tops the list. Look at the contrast between Clearcase and Subversion.

Subversion’s only downside is repository replication across different sites, a reality for our business where we have teams around the world working on the same code base, and the code base is BIG, so downloading the “whole ball of code” from a remote server just won’t work efficiently. The only solution I have come across so far is WAN Disco’s multisite solution. There is a video here describing it. I have never used it and would love some feedback from anyone who has experience with this solution.

Lots of good stuff on Martin’s blog. Including more details on the pros and cons of different source code repository tools.

Thanks, Martin!


5 thoughts on “Martin Fowler’s Survey of Version Control Tools + Subversion Multisite

    • the problem with DVCS is that you cannot work with a partial repository (ie on the workstation), so its quite possible it isn’t a solution for you either.
      SVN does have replication abilities that, once setup, handle incremental updates very well. Google for svnsync for details. This is a ‘RW master, RO slave’ approach (with pass-through so writes go to the master) though, WanDisco enhanced it to be RW on all repositories.

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