Apple Customer Service ROCKS!

On a flight back from Paris last Saturday, my MacBook Pro got mangled. The clamshell lid looked like an axe went through it and the display was GONE. I was able to use it only with an external monitor. I took it in to the Apple store in Ottawa on Saturday for repair. I was naturally distressed because my Mac has my whole life on it. I use it every single day. I explained the problem, and asked a bunch of questions:

  1. How much to fix it?
  2. How quickly can it be fixed?
  3. If parts are required, can they be ordered in advance and I will pay for them now and then bring the Mac in when you are ready to repair it and then wait for it.

The repair was $850 CAD. Apple decided right there and then that the damage was not my fault and told me that they would be happy to cover it under my existing warranty. The repair would take a couple of days and they did indeed have the part in stock. I was blown away by their offer and was happy to leave my MAC in their care. I got an e-mail from the store that evening – they had stayed late and fixed my MAC. I could pick it up at my leisure. I did so on Sunday. The final charge was ZERO DOLLARS and ZERO CENTS.

Needless to say I am a very happy customer and will remain a loyal Apple customer! Wouldn’t it be great if all of our customer service experiences were THAT GOOD?!


One thought on “Apple Customer Service ROCKS!

  1. Here Here!!! Had as well a very good experience. My iPod wifi stopped working and (pre Apple store where I live) I had it mailed off. Apple provide the box. I watched the tracking, repair updates, etc. they mailed me a new one. But this was around New Years.
    The new one got stuck in customs. I phoned the courier each day and it still did not move. I then phoned Apple, they said it was not supposed to be stuck. The lady said they would either unblock it or send me another or do whatever it takes to make me happy. The lady phoned back to let me know they would get in unblocked as the solution. The next day my iPod showed up. the day after she followed up to make sure everything was sent and I got it ok. Wow I was impressed! best service I have seen. Big apple fan from way then and still am…

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