TDD – some resources

For those interested in Test Driven Design but don’t know where to begin, below is information and tutorials from the web that offer some basics to help you get started. Introducing TDD in Telecom with the large legacy code base can be challenging and complex, but before tacking the mountain, you need some gear and knowledge. Here are some useful tools for you to get started.

  1. Wikipedia Reference for TDD with lots of external links.
  2. TDD video tutorial of simple banking transactions using Visual Studio. 31 minutes
  3. Bas Vodde’s TDD slide pack – telecom centric and with real code examples. 63 slides in PDF format.
  4. Acceptance Test Engineering Guide from Microsoft Patterns and Practices. 250 pages in PDF format
  5. TDD Tutorial using the CHECK tool on C code – web link
  6. TDD Group on LinkedIn

More to come soon. If you would like to share some information, pass it on.


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