Connectors as Leaders

I’m a big believer that people who nurture their personal and professional networks ultimately exert the most influence in life. I have a few friends whom I consider Master Connectors. They are able to influence and lead across boundaries, mobilizing people to achieve great things. In a new world of self-organizing teams, where the traditional hierarchical leader is no longer the main source of power, it is the connector who leads, bringing people together, and causing change to happen. Here’s a good article from the metacool blog that describes this far better than I can.

The lesson is simple. Build and nurture your network. Connect people together. Cause the rich exchange of ideas between minds.


One thought on “Connectors as Leaders

  1. Interesting, but I’d like a more expanded/expansive discussion.

    Interested in lunch sometime in the new year? Or even the week between Christmas and NYEve? I’m working downtown (Sparks and Kent) Mon-Thurs…lots of restaurants. And of course a lot of restaurants in the Glebe. Let me know!


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